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Music is for sharing and experiencing with friends, no matter where they are or what platform they are on. Music connects us. Don't let different streaming services divide us.

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With 60 million + songs in our database, we help you to share, convert, and discover the playlists you love. And if your favorite bars, cafes, and retailers are using The Playlist Network for Brands, you can help steer the music they play.

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Use The Playlist Network for discovery, for creating the perfect group party playlist, for sharing playlists with friends on different services, for converting your old playlists to a new service, or simply use it to back-up your music data.

How does it work?

We convert the data

When you register with The Playlist Network, link your account to the streaming services that you use and you are up and running. Currently our system works with Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and YouTube, with more integrations being added all the time. Once you are registered you can begin importing, sharing, discovering, and exporting playlists.

Once you find a great playlist in The Playlist Network from our suggestion engine, a friend, or by searching based on song, artist, user, or location, simply hit "play" and it will be exported to the music service of your choice. Not every song is on every service, but we hit about a 90% match rate.

What do you do with my data?

We use Facebook registration to help you find your friends, and to give us a heads up on some demographic info which we find helps match music. Aside from your name and profile photo, none of your Facebook data is publicly viewable. The playlists you import, and other users you follow can be viewed on your profile page. More info is on our Privacy Policy. Aside from that, the data is used to...

  • Create a chart that shows what your friends have been streaming.
  • Create a weekly chart of users in your city and country.
  • Suggest playlists you might like based on what you've been streaming.
  • Create awesome Party Mode playlists based on selected friends' tastes.
  • Share your anonymised music with your favorite bars, cafes, and shops.

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